Ian Paisley: Good Riddance

Issue: 24 – April 2008
Ian Paisley: Good Riddance
The announcement by Ian Paisley, the so-called First Minister of the Six-Counties, that he is to depart from politics in May is to be greeted with cheers by all true Irishmen and women.

Unlike other publications and those who lead Sinn F�in, The Hibernian will not be singing the praises of this scallywag.
Regarded by many Irish Catholics as a loud-mouthed windbag, Paisley built his career in both politics and �religion� through attacking and demeaning the Catholic Faith and the concept of independent Irish Nationhood.

What Catholic could forget his antics at an Oxford debate when he held up a host and, to the guffaws and hoots of the English heretics present, made a blasphemous mockery of the fact that Catholics believe that a Consecrated Host is comprised of the �bones and blood and flesh etc.� of Jesus.

Many people regard Paisley as having been almost single-handedly responsible for sparking the bloodshed and misery that convulsed the North and many other places for three decades. They argue that had Terence O�Neill, the plummy Stormont unionist �prime minister� of the 1960s, been allowed to quietly introduce reforms that would have given Civil Rights to Catholics that there would never have been any Troubles. The IRA of the day was a spent force and few Nationalists had much stomach for anything beyond peaceful protest.

At a crucial time Paisley thundered onto the scene roaring and bawling hate-filled anti-Catholic rhetoric and crushing O�Neill�s fairly timid advances with poisonous invective. In the process, he whipped-up and inflamed sectarian passions among the protestant lower orders, which eventually resulted in a violent fury being turned on innocent Catholics. Acting in defence of besieged Nationalist enclaves, a reinvigorated IRA emerged from near obscurity. The rest is recent history.

It should not be forgotten that at various times during the Troubles when a settlement could have been reached, Paisley turned-up to scupper all progress. Throughout, he never lost his flare for anti-Catholic hatred and was even flung out of the European Parliament for screaming �anti-Christ� at the late Pope John Paul II during the latter�s visit there.

Had Paisley�s antics been based on sincere motivation there might have been some twisted understanding of his behaviour. As it has transpired, however, all his vicious, dangerous buffoonery was driven by plain old self-serving greed and ambition. Paisley�s only goal was to make himself top dog, both of his free presbyterian �church� sect and the post Good Friday Assembly at Stormont. Now, just as the dupes who served and followed him have begun to cop-on to his game, he has elected to cut and run. What charlatan would not be proud of a game like that?

Ironically, Paisley could never have become First Minister without the active support of the Sinn F�in leadership, which secured him in power last year. For months now, all self-respecting Republicans have squirmed at the images of a tittering Martin McGuinness scurrying after Paisley while being treated like a whipped pup; more Deputy Dog than Deputy First Minister.

Meanwhile, Sinn F�in�s never-ending president, Gerard Adams, has emerged from hibernation to praise Paisley and beg him to stay on.
Let it not be forgotten that this crowd put a man with a track record of anti-Catholic, anti-Irish Unity bigotry into power rather than opt for the alternative of Joint Authority, which would have seen for the first time the Irish government having a direct say in running the North. And they call themselves Irish Republicans?


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