The Ottaviani Intervention (Cardinals Ottaviani and Bacci)

Author: Book Review
Issue: 24 – April 2008

The Ottaviani Intervention (Cardinals Ottaviani and Bacci)
The central contention of The Ottaviani Intervention is that the New Rite of Mass teems with dangerous errors in doctrine and represents an attack against the Catholic teaching on the Mass defined by the Council of Trent.

The authors of the Intervention stated that their intention was not to present an exhaustive treatment of all the problems the New Mass posed, but rather to point out those deviations from Catholic doctrine and practice which are most typical of the New Rite. Among these the Intervention lists the following:

� A new definition of the Mass as an �assembly� rather than as a sacrifice offered to God.
� Omissions of elements emphasising the Catholic teaching that the Mass makes satisfaction for sins.
� The reduction of the priest�s role to a position approximating that of a Protestant minister.
� The change of the Consecration from a sacramental action into a mere narrative retelling of the story of the Last Supper.
� The fragmenting the Church�s unity of belief through the introduction of countless options.
� Ambiguous language and equivocation throughout the rite which compromise the Church�s doctrines.

The significance of The Ottaviani Intervention goes beyond mere historical considerations, however. Since 1969 we have seen the Mass progressively desacralised, made subject to countless aberrations and abuses, and emptied of doctrines essential to the integrity of the Catholic faith. The blame for this painful turn of events has often been laid at the feet of an increasingly �progressive� clergy. The Ottaviani Intervention, however, forces us to consider whether the prevalent liturgical abuses are but the natural outgrowth of principles imbedded in the new rite itself�and thus whether the officially-sanctioned reform did indeed turn out to be, as the Intervention warned, �an incalculable error.� Available from The Traditionalist Box 1 Moyne Co. Longford �10 inc postage. Please make payable to The Traditionalist. (No Stirling cheques or postal orders)


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