Parliament Hath Not The Power…

Author: Ellen O’Donnell
Issue: 25 – May 2008

Parliament Hath Not The Power…
The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill

There is a Bill currently passing through the Houses of Parliament in Westminister which, if it becomes law, sets to surpass any previous legislation in perversity and degradation.

The matter should be going through the final stages in the House of Commons this month of May. If this Bill is sucessfull, and at the time of writing it looks likely, then not only England , Scotland and Wales will be affected but also Ireland as the law will be enabled in the Six- Counties.

Half Angel, half dog…
Whilst the current Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act, made law in 1990, allowing for abortion to full term for disabled babies amongst other heinous clauses, is preposterous and completely contravenes Catholic moral codes, this new version is, if it is possible, far worse. Consider this; the new HFE Bill will allow for animal-human hybrid embryos to be created for experimentation. This alone makes it possibly the worst piece of legislation imaginable. The government intends by this Bill to redefine humanity and allow the creation of monsters. The Bill proposes to legalise the creation of animal-human inter-species embryos including true hybrids, cloned interspecies embryos, human chimeras and transgenic human embryos. Chimera embryos (entities containing a mix of cells from different species) will not be regulated by the 14 day limitations in the HFE Bill if they are introduced in human form, as they will be dealt with separately by the Home Office (as animal chimera embryos already are). This will mean that human/animal chimera embryos may be brought to half term gestation in an animal womb, and even further. This is just one of the loopholes in the legislation about which the proponants of the Bill are blatently misinfomrming the public.

It is a little known fact that since the 1990 HFE Bill it has been legal to inseminate a hamster egg with human sperm. These embryos are supposed to be destroyed after 2 days and are used in IVF treatment to test the human sperm. This proceedure wasnt discussed much by the media at the time and was brought in quietly. Supporters of the Bill will therefore argue that it is already being done, however it is still entirely wrong and the public are broadly unaware that this was happening. This fact further shows that nothing will ever be enough once science breaches moral boundries.
Further horrors include the concept of saviour siblings being legitimised. That is, children created via IVF deliberately to conform with the DNA another sick child of the family so that the saviour Sibling can be a donor for the sick child. Also the definition of family will be altered, dismissing the idea that a father is required and therefore allowing for lesbians to obtain IVF treatment. Abortion fanatics will press for amendments to include nurses being given licence to carry out abortions and the removal of the two doctor signature, so that abortions become as easy to obtain as sweets.

Although this Bill has often been called Frankenstinian, it is in fact far worse than Frankenstein science. At least Shellys Frankenstein was only trying to imitate God, all be it in a terrible way, he was trying to create a man. However the fusion of man and beast is something which subverts the very nature of creation. This Bill is in effect denying the very soul of man. It will say that man is indeed no better that a dog- a base animal – something which the Devil himself has aimed to prove ever since his fall from paradise. Should Westminster pass this Bill it will be setting in law a statute which redefines creation, something which flies in the face of God in the very worst way. Westminster will be saying, Man has no soul, man is nothing more than a beast.

A well known Saint has said that man was half angel, half dog. We are in the process of denying the angelic part of our nature, of turning to God and saying, see we are worthless, Lucifer was right, we were not worth the Sacrifice of Christ for our redemption…
But, for Ireland, there is another very sinister and terrible threat inherent in this Bill. The extension of the 1967 Abortion Act to the north of Ireland. Although this is not yet written into the draft Bill, abortion promoter Evan Harris MP (LIB) has said he and others intend to table an amendment in the Commons to use this Bill as a vehicle to extend the Abortion Act and enforce it in the north. Harris is so prolific in his anti-life views that even his friends call him Dr Death. Having qualified as a doctor, shortly before he went into politics, he chaired the Committee on the HFE Bill, ensuring that all views against the vile legislation were treated with contempt. The fact that he is in a relationship with the secretary for the biggest abortion provider in Britain, BPAS, didnt concern the government , who considered that this would not at all colour his view of the task of chairing the Committee. Harris has previously called the fact that the north of Ireland does not have equal access to abortion (as Britain, I suppose) disgraceful! Harris is indeed the Robespierre of this particular revolution, shunned and despised by even his own colleagues who see him as a loner, a hater of Catholics and a virulent pro-abort. He will one day, as we all will, stand before the Court of Christ the King, but for now he is the embodiment of the enemy and is poised to launch an attack on our children.
I say this will affect the whole of Ireland because indeed it will. There must be no room for the myth that Ireland has not encountered abortion, or stem cell research, when in fact their brothers in the north are being subjected to these very things from legislation enforced by Westminster. In fact there are illegal abortions happening already and being bragged about in the English press by pro-abortion activists such as senior NI midwife Breedagh Hughes. Further, at a recent international meeting of abortion practitioners and facilitators in London last October, hosted by Marie Stopes international, it was lamented that the north of Ireland was far behind the Republic with regard to abortion. At least in the south, said one contributor, there is a body of pro-choice doctors.
Also, in the Republic the members of the Dil do not seem so staunchly opposed to abortion as their northern counterparts. When you consider that the north has suffered repeated attempts to have abortion introduced, all of which have been thwarted, it really is incredible that they have resisted so much. We cannot ignore the dogged persistance of our Protestant neighbours in this fight against legalised abortion. One observation which I have noted with interest is that while the Catholic heart of the everyday people is set firmly against abortion, it seems to be that the Protestant politicians are far more active against this threat than their Catholic equivalants both north and south. When the Catholic people of the north look for their leaders in this battle they see nothing but ambivolence from the Church in Ireland, yet when a Cardinal such as Cardinal OBrien of Scotland preacehes firmly and fearlessly against the murder of innocents the effect is wonderful due to the great Catholic graces a Cardinal posseses when he speaks Catholic truth. At the same Marie Stopes abortion conference already mentioned it was shown by an independant media expert that of all the media stories concerning abortion in 2007 the story which was most covered was that of the Cardinal likening abortion to a masacre. This, despite the enormous hold that the pro-abortion contingent have over the press and the massive amounts of money pumped into promoting abortion in the media.

Of course, Westminster has not got the authority to legalise this Bill, and in the eyes of Heaven and the Church it will be an illegal act on behalf of the Members of Parliament who seek to introduce this legislation. Parliament did not have the power in the sixteenth century to declare King Henry VIII the head of the Church in England, and it has now excelled itself in diabolical disorientation from the true purpose of its existence and declared that instead of enforcing Gods law on earth, and making laws to support a Godly life, it will in fact declare that it is higher placed than God and overrule him in the matter of creation. A law like this will in effect undermine many of the previous laws passed in Westminster which were based on a Christian understanding of life.

What can we do? Pray the Rosary and attend Mass, Catholic graces are all that can really affect this situation. Remember, as Pope St Pius X said, All the strength of Satans reign is due to the easygoing weakness of Catholics.

We must in any case resort to the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart because, even if the abortion amendment fails, the main act will still be enforced on the north, where no doubt there will be some who will dabble with the animal-people embryos. We see from Our Ladys warning at Fatima that the errors of Russia are truly spread abroad and the consequences must be awful, for how offended is our Holy God by all of this?

And yet know this, the abortionists have tried every subtle way to press abortion on the Irish people of the north, and it has been vomited back at them from the belly of the people every time, force is their last resort.


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