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Inside view – May 2008

1 Bealtaine, 2008
Author: Gerry McGeough
Issue: 25 – May 2008

Inside view – May 2008
This issue marks The Hibernian magazines second anniversary.
We could never have reached this point were it not for the guiding hand of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, to whom the publication is dedicated, and the tremendous support of our loyal and ever-growing readership.

Since the launch of the first edition, in May of 2006, The Hibernian has been quite open and forthright about what it is that we stand for, and lest there should be any confusion or doubt then allow me to repeat our position.

We aspire to the establishment of an independent, 32-County Irish Nation free of all foreign domination. We believe that such a Nation should be thoroughly Catholic and Gaelic in culture and outlook. We extend the concept of Irish Nationhood to include the vast Irish Diaspora, particularly in the United States, and we recognise the contribution that the Irish overseas have made to our Homeland over the centuries.

At The Hibernian we have consistently opposed the imposition of the Liberal / Masonic Agenda on our country. We reject the notion of a multi-cultural, multi-faith secularised Ireland for the nonsense that it is. There can be only one Ireland-a Catholic one that is true to its Gaelic roots. Such is the real Ireland and anything else is essentially a fraud.

Over the past two years, The Hibernian has supported the endeavours of Catholic Patriots who have been active in keeping abortion out of Ireland and we applaud the efforts of all those who are working to ban pornography, contraception and the promotion of homosexual marriagein our society. In addition, we praise the work of those activists who are trying to clean up the mess created by lesbian-feminists during the course of their assault on the Traditional Family.

It goes without saying that we have stirred-up quite a bit of opposition to our existence. Ironically, we’ve actually been able to use this to our benefit as far as the spreading of our message has been concerned. Outraged groups ranging from Permissive Liberals to pro-British Orange Order types regularly reproduce swathes of Hibernian material for the shock/horror benefit of their sundry respective adherents. Happily, this enables us to reach an audience that might otherwise not hear our message.

The success of that message may be measured in the fact that more and more people are becoming aware of, and openly talking about, the behind-the-scenes-plans of Freemasons and other sinister elements who are hell-bent on forcing Ireland into their nefarious New World Order scheme.

A facet of this cabal is the ever-encroaching power of the European Union into the lives of our citizens. Our stance at The Hibernian has been to oppose the development of a European Superstate, which would reduce the Irish Nation to the status of a tiny province within a wallowing empire. Weve had more than enough of that in the past…and were still not quite rid of our British problem to this very day. To this end, The Hibernian urges a No vote in the forthcoming Lisbon Treaty and we fully support the Patriotic work being done by groups such as Libertas in this regard.

Finally, we commend all Catholic Nationalists around Ireland and elsewhere for the tremendous work that you are doing. Keep the Faith. Beannacht Dé libh agus Éirinn go Brách.


Inside view – April 2008

1 Aibreán, 2008
Author: Gerry McGeough
Issue: 24 – April 2008

Inside view – April 2008
In the course of an interview given a few years ago the playwright J. P. Donleavy stated that the �story of Ireland� was over.

He argued that our ongoing absorption into the European Union, with everything that entails, effectively meant that Ireland as a distinct nation would soon cease to exist, and our epic struggles for survival and independence down the centuries would now be a mere footnote in a wider history.

Needless to say, The Hibernian does not accept that analysis. We do however recognise the serious warning implicit in it and fully realise that this is a crucial juncture in the history of our Nation; one during which all Irish Catholic Patriots should be on full alert.

Among the traits that have distinguished us as as a people over the centuries have been our devout adherence and loyalty to the Catholic Faith and our stubborn refusal to abandon our sense of separate, independent Nationhood. We have retained these qualities through thick and thin to the point almost where they have become part of our genetic make-up.

Over the generations, our people have been prepared to endure �dungeon, fire and sword� to keep the Catholic Faith alive in our Homeland and in every generation courageous men and women have refused to accept the English crown domination of our country and have been prepared to fight for Irish Freedom no matter what the odds against them. It is unthinkable, therefore, that we would casually surrender our hard won sovereignty and independence to an external power that is the very antithesis of our Catholic culture and utterly removed from our concept of independent nationhood. Or is it?

The past few decades have witnessed a disturbing change in the character of the Irish people. We have become lukewarm in our Faith and less than spirited where our Patriotic fervour is concerned. An element of spinelessness has taken root in some quarters and surrender to the tyranny of political correctness along with the glorification of compromise at all costs has become all too common.
None of this reflects the true Irish spirit. The time has come for us to reclaim the nobility of our forefathers, who refused to accept either the domination of foreign rule or the falsehood of heresy. Not for them an Ireland of slavish cowards. They had a vision of a free and independent country that could hold her own among the nations of the earth. Do we want any less for this and future generations?

Make no mistake about it, the very future of our Nation is at stake. If the Irish electorate deliver the country into a Godless, Masonic-controlled superstate through ratification of the Lisbon Treaty then we will have rejected our hard won freedom and Ireland will become a province once again.

It is the duty of all Irish Catholic Patriots to vote a resounding No in the forthcoming referendum. Failure to defend our freedom now will condemn future generations to new rebellions and struggles to win back Ireland for the Irish. Reject foreign rule, and Keep the Faith.