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Letters – May 2008

1 Bealtaine, 2008
Issue: 25 – May 2008
Letters – May 2008
Money & wealth
A chara,
The series of articles on finance, credit and money by Tommy Price were simple and clear. It created a wonderful basic working knowledge everyone should know. It expressed the concern by Professor Alfred ORahilly the Chancellor of the University of Cork (1943-54) that the basics of finance were not being taught at either a school or University level.

Knowledge is of no use unless it can be used to better our lives or prevent predictable outcomes. Here come my suggestions on the present and future finance: As circulating currency is not benchmarked against any one commodity such as gold or silver but rather against consumable commodities such as oil/food then we see the price of oil escalates. We should view not the price of oil/food but the trading exchange value of our currency (Euro, dollars, sterling, yen etc.)

Result: The value of all currencies is eroding rapidly in relationship to material commodities. This reminds us historically of what South American nations suffered in the 1970s before benchmarking against the dollar began. Now the dollar has fallen and eventually the Euro/Sterling will follow rapidly. Currency is chasing each other in a downhill spiral. Savings in currency will be daily eroded. Stock prices along with property will fall initially as credit from banks becomes more restricted but will reach a point that there is only true measurable value in material objects- commodities and property.

Transferring value for work preformed into salaries has in the past 200 years ment saving for the average person accumulating currency in the bank or buying a portion of a company producing material products. (Stocks and shares)

The Irish farmers mainly invested in property (another field) or more live stock. Some portions of his work was transferred into currency which ended up as in investments in family education (educating priests, doctors, nurses, lawyers etc.,) It was simple yet diverse. The added field was productive property.

Now we seem to concentrate on money as our wealth which is so far from the truth. Money is only the vehicle of transfer of services and commodities from one owner to another. Money enables the free transfer from one to another. The money truck is breaking down and we fail to see it. [Beware of buying broken down trucks.] Accumulating savings in a currency is not the smartest maneuver. We should transfer wealth into material commodity or productive property; not speculative land only productive land and productive property.

In times like this be sure your wealth is in something you can touch and see: Gold and silver are static and of themselves do not produce added value. They are a stable commodity as well as easily transferable credit. Good for some but not for all!

Productive property in uncertain times seems to be the safest another arable field, a new fishing vessel, a part owner in a commercial property that will be productive even during a recession a more efficient farm etc. The market is restricted but there is always something to convert your saving currency into; check it out and keep it as local as possible.

Beware of transferring falling property into an unstable currency. Hold fast to what you can see and touch; it is reality. Base the value on its productive wealth not just the fleeting principle that its value is what someone else will pay for it. Think long and deeply before changing property into cash. Tommy Price, what do you think?

Joe OBrien, USA


Letters – April 2008

1 Aibreán, 2008
Issue: 24 – April 2008
Letters – April 2008
The Lisbon Treaty
�In the name of the Most Holy Trinity�, so begins the Irish Constitution. The Lisbon Treaty will not mention God. What mental gymnastics are our political leaders asking us to exercise to believe that to exclude God and put our trust in a man-made utopia is going to be in the best interests of our nation. Exclude God, exclude truth.

As the Lord Jesus told Pontius Pilate, �all who are on the side of truth listen to My voice.� Are we being told the full truth since 80% of our legislation now comes from Brussels. What happens when it becomes 100%. Look at the legislation contrary to the Law of God already passed in Ireland. Give away the final 20% and say goodbye to the Constitution.

See I set before you today a blessing and a curse. A blessing if you obey the commandments of the Lord your God which I enjoin on you today. A curse if you disobey the commandments of the Lord your God (Deuteronomy Ch11 V26-27). Giving someone else the power to do it deserves the Pontius Pilate award, denying what we know to be true, washing one�s hands in a basin of water by denying knowledge of truth. At the battle of Lepanto, a Christian fleet defeated a much larger Turkish fleet saving Christian Europe from destruction. The Holy Father with the faithful were praying the Rosary. That crisis was imminent, this one is apparent and probably more dangerous because we could leave it until voting day before we act.

An army of eight hundred men faced an army of one hundred thousand in the crisis of the Albanian heresy. Saint Dominic stood praying behind the eight hundred and they won. At this time we do not have a Saint Pius V or a Saint Dominic and yet we have the opportunity to defeat this treaty. There is a Rosary Novena of 54 days, 27 in petition and 27 in thanksgiving, which can do for us what Saint Pius V and Saint Dominic did. Our numbers may by God�s Mercy through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother Mary make up for our lack of sanctity. If God be for us who is against us (Romans Ch 8 v31). By the Grace of God let us begin on the 16th of April, the feast day of Saint Bernadette Soubirous.

Patrick Mackle,
Co Meath

Great Publication
A chara,
Well done on the great publication that you come up with. It is a real source of truth and I really look forward to the next edition every month.

Your articles on the New World Order are brilliant. Would there be any chance you could cover organisations like Roundtablers, Rotary, Lions Clubs, Orange Order, Freemasons in Golf Clubs etc in future editions? I think Golf Clubs etc. are very fertile recruiting grounds for Freemasons.

Yours in Jesus Christ,
God Bless.
Brian Simpson, Co Waterford.

What’s wrong with Cardinal Brady? Watching him on TV prancing about with the English queen in a Protestant church (one they stole from us) on Holy Thursday of all days just makes me want to puke.

Does the Cardinal not know that Catholics are banned from sitting on the English throne? Until that discrimination is ended, no Prince of the Church should have truck with these people. Apart from that, she was behaving as if she had some right to be in our country, after all that her soldiers have done to us. Why has the Cardinal let us all down by playing second fiddle to an English queen in front of a bundle of Protestants? Will them or her help him out at the next collection?

It’s about time our Bishops remembered who they are and where they come from. Sucking up to an English Protestant queen won’t put Catholics back in the chapels.

Disgusted, Armagh Diocese.